Monday, April 25, 2011

Garena Master version 73.01 Download

This is the latest Garena Master version 73.01 the newest working dota map hack as of now. This map hack is free download.. Garena Master 73.01 is just like the previous 73.00, but this version have additional features. If you doesn't know how to use any garena master just read my tutorial.

Exp Hack: 300 exp / 15 mins.

Download Link: Garena Master Version 73.01

Programmer: m4st3r
Date Released: April 24, 2011

 Whats New
-This newer version clears the registry automatically.
-Modify 3 features that was normal enabled to disabled, Because its not compatible with the users.
-Game instantly start is default disabled.
-The normal warcraft 3 load is default disabled.
-MP bar is default disabled.
-Its only disable / enable with warcraft 3 closed.
-The button start map hack  is removed. You can just enabled it in configuration tab.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Latest Dota Map Hack 04/11/11 - Garena Master version 73.00 Free Download

This is the newest version of Garena Master the latest and working map hack as of now. Free to download..Its also looks like garena master 72.02 so its not hard for you operate. If you don't know how to use garena master just read my older blog post.

Download: Garena Master Version 73.00 
Programmer: m4st3r
Date Released: April 21, 2011

Whats New
-All errors and bugs of previous version 72.02 fixed.
-New features added (You can unlock or lock game camera distance).
-Default hotkeys ALT+F3.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Latest Dota Map Hack 04/20/11 - Garena Master

Programmer: m4st3r

Garena Master is free software that removes all limitations on GG Client. It has many features like dota map hack, garena expirience hack, name spoof, drop hack, room auto joiner and more. M4st3r is the one who initially launched the project Garena Master, but there are many experts who helped in it's improvement.

latest dota map hack image

 Garena Master Features
-Garena multi client                                   -No garena ads
-Fast experience hack                               -Trace location (admin)
-Off protection in hack                               -Style only "Gold Member"
-Exact ping number                                   -Style only "League Admin"
-Exact ping in game                                  -Style only "Channel Admin"
-No dialog (room is full)                              -Style only "Platinum"
-No 5 seconds dialog                                 -Style only "Premium"
-Room auto joiner                                      -Style only "Super Admin"
-Name spoof                                             -Ability to leave room while playing game

 Frozen Throne Features (1.24b-1.26a)
-Show cooldowns, skills
-Ability to see runes
-Illusions are revealed
-Units are clickable also in fog
-Trade are enabled, view resource
-No fog in map
-Show units in map
-Delay decreaser
-Camera distance hack
-Only on GG "host hack"
-Roshan respawn notifier
-Gem of truesight notifier
-Power ups notifier
-Bypass the mode -ah

 (1.24e) BETA Dota Features
-Show cooldown in numbers
-Hero lines
-Enemy clicks
-Automatic dodging when enemy cast spell
-Clickable in fog "gray health bar"
-Camera distance scrolling
-Show buffs cooldown

You can assign your hotkeys in Garena Master / Warcraft / Hotkeys
Alt F1 - On / Off selected options on Garena Master / Warcraft section
Alt F2 - Distance zoom in
Alt F3 - Distance zoom out

 Installation Guide
-Download GM
-Unzip the files to any folder
-Start Garena Master.exe
-For user jump in selecting frozen throne folder
-Select the "host hack" and "automatic patch"
-Start garena client
-Optional (customize garena features in garena tab then click patch)
-"For users jump to this step" in Garena Master.exe select your frozen throne folder in (select w3x folder)
-In Garena Master.exe select the features you want in wa3 section then install
-Start warcraft frozen throne and enjoy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garena Master Guide

There are many map hack users who don't know how to run Garena Master. This tutorial will teach you how to use this map hack, tutorial with screenshot.

-Before running garena master clean your registry. click registry cleaner.bat

registry cleaner of dota map hack

-For warcraft 3 users: ensure that no other map hacks are running except Garena Master.  Example your garena  universal map hack is still activated if you inject the features of  garena  master, your game will crashed.

Lets begin the tutorial..

1. Run Garena Master

icon of latest dota map hack

2. Select your garena folder, select your w3x folder then click the "Start Garena"

dota map hack screen1
3. This screen comes after you click "Start Garena"
-You carn write your name spoofer if want.
-In garena login screen write your original username and password.

dota map hack screen2
4. Garena Tab
-Choose the features you want
-Choose the styles you want
-Click Patch Garena to activate it

5. Now login to Garena

6. Now you will try to access any rooms, if you injected room auto joiner from the features this screen will pop up.

dota map hack auto joiner
7. Start Warcraft 3 and enjoy!

Dota Map Hack - GUMH (Garena Universal Map Hack)

Garena world has released a Garena Universal Dota Map Hack which does not alter the garena files or does not need Garena to crack, hack. This dota map hack works with warcraft v1.24e, 1.25b patch and earlier versions. It is still untraceable in garena. Read the details below to learn how to use this dota map hack.

Updated Dota Map Hack version: and GUMH are now compatible! - After using dota map hack in garena you can still play in Bnet
(But GUMH is not truely for - you can't still play on with dota map hack).
-Redesign how GUMH starts and charges - to correct the error as GUMH not loading.
-A new added button to restore your warcraft frozen throne patch - if damaged.
-Different bux fixes.

garena universal dota map hack

GUMH - Dota Map Hack Features:
*Reveal units map
*Reveal units minip
*Remove fog map
*Remove fog minimap
*Clickable units
*Show resources
*Show invisible units
*Click invisible
*Show runes and items
*Show illusions
*Show skills
*Show cooldowns
*Enable trade
*All hero icons
*All HP bars
*Bypass the mode -ah
*Change the camera distance

Click the download link of GUMH below.
Unzip it to any folder then run GUMH exe.
Change path to the destination of your warcraft frozen throne.
Then push the button start garena universal map hack.
Then enjoy!

GUMH runs on most operating sytems, But if you receive fatal error while playing the game just uncheck some of the options then try again.
If you are having any problems or found any errors please leave a comment here.
This is powered by Garena World.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hack Dota - 6.71b Map Gold Hack

This is gold hack for dota 6.71b map, How cool! just type the gold commands then you will automatically claim golds.

dota map 6.71b screen

Here's the gold commands
type -ma / then 4 space / enter = 900 gold
type -di / then 1 space / enter = 1199 gold
type -aw / then 1 space / enter = 1000 gold

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hack Dota - WUTIL Map Hack


Installation Guide
1. Download and unzip the zip file in the directory of Warcraft Frozen Throne
2. Close Warcraft Frozen Throne if still running
3. Run warcraft 3 using wutil loader.exe or wutil loader roc.bat
4. Hack functions automatically in game
5. To change the game settings use ingame menu

 WUTIL Features
-Click safe
-Reveal Teleport
-Health bars and Mana bars
-No fog in map
-Ability to see all units
-Undetected codes, secured from account ban
-Map hack options ingame
-View player resources "tab"
-Show movement speed of hero
-Assorted color of health bars for any units
-Show skills and cooldown

This program have codes that help users to avoid from getting banned. But use this program at your own risk. By using Drop Battle Net you can develop or improve your security.