Sunday, May 6, 2012

Latest Dota Map Hack 98.03 Download 2012

Garena Master 98.03 is the newest Dota map hack of 2012. The latest or updated defense of the ancients maphack as of now. This applications is free to download, Garena Master 98.03 is also like the other versions of garena master but this dota maphack added more great features.

Experience Hack: 500 experience per 15 minutes.
Download Now: Dota Maphack Version 98.03

dota map hack gui

dota map hack gui2

dota map hack gui3

-Allows flood in room chat.
-Access 'Room is Full' error message
-Bypass Map Hack / CK detection
-Name spoofer
-Experience Hack
-Removes five secs. waiting while joining any rooms
-Host Hack
-Bypass Warcraft protection, so your Map Hack/CK will run normally.

Monday, April 23, 2012

DotA 2 Beta Keygen Download

1. Download DotA 2 Beta Keygen [DotA 2 Beta Keygen 2012]
2. Extract the file
3. Open the application and click generate beta key
4. Use your beta key and Enjoy playing DotA 2

Note: we update and remove used beta key from our system daily.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dota Maphack version 78.01 Download

This is the latest Dota maphack v78.01 the latest / updated defense of the ancients maphack until right now. This programs are cost-free to download, Garena Master 78.01 is like the last version 77.02 but this dota maphack have additional great features. If you are not aware on how to use any garena master just go to my guide section / post.

Expirience Cheat: 300 exp / 5 mins.
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Download Now: Dota Maphack Version 78.01

new dota map hack 2011 image


Version: 78.01 (16/07/2001)
- return to 77.02, this version is just renamed
- Attempting to repair the unidentified errors on version 78.00 that is happening to many users.